Mechanical drives training system – Level 1

Mechanical drives training system – Level 1

Introduction to belt, chain and gear drives

Properly aligned pulleys, ­sprockets, and gears as well as adjustment of belt tension, chain slack and gear backlash are essential to minimize vibration, maximize power transmission, and meet the expected ­service-life of mechanical drives. ­Industrial mechanics must be trained to master the fundamental skills ­related to the identification, installation, and maintenance of belt, chain, and gear drives.

The mechanical drives level 1 ­includes all the hardware and tools to teach these skills. Pulleys, sprockets and gears are stored on a panel for quick identification and inventory control.

Level 1 requires the Workstation package.


Belt Drives 1:

  • Introduction to belt drives
  • Installation of belt drives
  • Adjustment of belt tension
  • Speed and torque ratios

Chain Drives 1:

  • Introduction to chain drives
  • Installation of chain drives
  • Adjustment of chain slack
  • Speed and torque ratios

Gear Drives 1:

  • Introduction to gear drives
  • Spur gear installation
  • Gear alignment
  • Backlash adjustment
  • Speed, torque, and gear ratios
  • Gear trains



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