MR6 – Milling cell with robot loading

MR6 –  Milling cell with robot loading

MILL 55 is a 3-axis milling machine of industry-compatible design that facilitates all machining possibilities of a modern CNC milling machine: milling, cutting and drilling/boring.






Robot cell


The automatic control and loading/unloading of the CNC machine is undertaken by the 6-axis RV-2FB industrial robot used in the MPS®. In the Parts buffer station cylindrical unmachined parts are buffered and separately fed to a robot for removal. After CNC machining, the robot removes the finished part and places it on the station's other conveyor belt, where it is either buffered or separated for further transport.

Controlling, programming, simulating: the software solutions for MicroFMS


  • Simple CAD/CAM system for turning and milling
  • 3D simulation for turning and milling
  • CIROS®


3-axis milling machine, mounted on suitable base frame:

  • Clockwise/anticlockwise rotating spindle
  • Infinitely variable main drive (0.75 kW)
  • Automatic motion to reference point
  • Electromechanical vice
  • Automatic door and robotics interface
  • Travel X/Y/Z: 190/140/260 mm
  • Rapid traverse: 2 m/min
  • Milling machine table clamping area: 420 x 125 mm
  • Speed range 150 – 3500 rpm
  • PC control with selectable CNC controller interface
  • 8-station tool drum (option)

Parts buffer station

2 conveyor belts, mounted on trolley with profile plate:

  • Conveyor 1 for buffering and separation of cylindrical unmachined parts size 30 or 40 mm
  • Conveyor 2 for buffering and/or separation of cylindrical finished parts with a base area of at least 30 mm diameter


  • 6-axis industrial robot, mounted on trolley with profile plate:
  • Reach/payload: 504 mm/2 kg
  • Axis drive: AC servo motors with gear unit from Harmonic Drive AG 
  • Repetition accuracy: ±0.02 mm
  • Maximum speed: 4400 mm/s
  • Gripper: Pneumatic finger gripper for cylindrical parts with a diameter of 8 – 40 mm
  • Controller: 64-bit RISC processor with multitasking real-time operating system, PTP linear and circular interpolation
  • Teachpanel: dead-man's switch, EMERGENCY-STOP button, robot motion in joint, cartesian and tool coordinates



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