Customised solutions: MicroFMS

Customised solutions: MicroFMS

Requirements analysis
Standard solutions might seem like a good value at first glance, but at Festo we focus on the long-term benefit for the customer. That's why a qualified requirements analysis is performed before each MicroFMS quotation. In this analysis, experienced project advisors discuss the expectations for the new training equipment with the customer and share insights from everyday use in order to avoid poor investments.

On the basis of the requirements analysis, the customer receives expert advice about the suitable training equipment. Our primary objective here is to meet the customer's goals, irrespective of the product range. Because Festo cooperates with a number of renowned partners, we will design the optimal solution for you. Festo is a Siemens Automation solution partner.

Engineering service
Festo's experienced technicians and engineers are specialists in planning and equipping learning systems and have at their disposal powerful, state-of-the-art tools. PLC and robot programming systems, simulation systems, EPLAN and CAD programs are effective tools for translating customer requirements into reality. Festo will help you to implement your ideas - quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

System integration
Existing system parts can often be integrated as subsystems, provided suitable interfaces are available. This protects earlier investments.

Customised training
You know your strengths – and your weaknesses. Festo gives you the opportunity to define your training profile. The result? A training course tailored to your exact personal requirements!

  • Communication
  • Robotics
  • CNC technology
  • Simulation
  • Vision system
  • PLC programming
  • Fieldbus
  • System simulation
  • Troubleshooting

Festo offers planning reliability and continuity. Systems can be gradually expanded and updated over a number of years. Give us a call – Festo is happy to assist you with your stage-by-stage project planning.

MicroFMS – CNC production as required
MicroFMS cells can be combined with a wide range of stations, systems and learning factories and focus on CNC technology. One or two machines with a loading robot in networked operation form the core of the learning factory.

The decentralised control concept allows the system to be used as a whole or each system part to be used separately. Therefore, Festo equips each MicroFMS system with separate belt buffers for unfinished parts and finished parts so that sensible and independent material flow is ensured during stand-alone operation.


Worldwide references
Universities, colleges and vocational training schools around the world are benefiting from the unique MicroFMS system concept. Detailed information on these projects can be found on the Internet:
under the heading Services > References


NC technology and mechatronics entry-level solution
Even the small, compact Concept 55 machines can be easily and sensibly combined with all MPS® 500 solutions. The system can also be easily expanded later. Festo will tailor your entry-level solution to your requirements.

MicroFMS MR5 with MPS® 500-FMS system consisting of:

MicroFMS MR5

  • 1x Concept MILL 55 with accessories
  • 1x loading robot RV-2FB
  • 1x parts buffer station

MPS® 500-FMS

  • MPS® distributing, testing, handling, processing and sorting stations
  • 1x pallet transport system FMF-F
  • 1x SCADA system
  • 1x programming and simulation package


Mechatronics learning factory with CNC manufacturing process
The Concept 250 machines enable CNC training at the highest level. All stages of product development can be reconstructed, from CAD design to machining. Up to two industrial robots perform typical tasks such as assembly and loading/unloading of machines in the learning factory. So learning factories of different complexity, tailored to your training needs, can be created in combination with the MPS® 500 systems.

MicroFMS MTLR23 with MPS® 500-FMS system consisting of:


  • 1x Concept MILL 250 with accessories
  • 1x Concept TURN 250 with accessories
  • 1x loading robot RV-4FL on a linear axis
  • 1x parts buffer station

MPS® 500-FMS

  • MPS® robot assembly, distributing, testing, handling, processing and sorting stations
  • 1x pallet transport system FMF-F
  • 1x automatic warehouse
  • 1x SCADA system
  • 1x programming and simulation package


CNC technology combined with innovative ProLog factory
The processes and material flow in the ProLog learning factory are a representation of a real production system with logistics and shipping. If the ProLog learning factory is expanded with a MicroFMS system, different semi-finished products can be produced on the CNC machines and automatically fed to the ProLog production line by means of the loading robot in order to cover nearly all areas of automation technology.

MicroFMS MTLR11 with ProLog factory consisting of:


  • 1x Concept MILL 105 with accessories
  • 1x Concept TURN 105 with accessories
  • 1x loading robot RV-2FB on a linear axis
  • 1x parts buffer station

ProLog factory

  • MPS® distributing 3-way magazine, testing, pick & place, fluidic muscle press, storing, separating and sorting stations
  • 1x picking station
  • 1x logistics area with mobile robots
  • 1x SCADA system
  • 1x programming and simulation package