MicroFMS – An introduction to the world of flexible manufacturing and integrated systems

All of the key processes in a fully automated flexible manufacturing system – FMS –can be represented.

  • Unfinished parts buffer
  • Separation
  • CNC machine loading with robot
  • CNC machining processes
  • Finished parts buffer
  • SCADA/DNC options

CNC technology
The CNC machines used are PC controlled tabletop turning machines and/or tabletop milling machines, with a design and function that meets all of the industry standards.

Industrial robots
Industrial robots with powerful controllers (multitasking, path control) are used for loading and unloading. Because of their modularity and the clearly defined interfaces, the MicroFMS systems can be combined with one another and with MPS® stations.

Control, programming, simulation: Software solutions for MicroFMS

  • Simple CAD/CAM system for turning and milling
  • 3D simulation for turning and milling
  • CIROS®

Many combination options
The MPS®, MPS® 500- FMS and MicroFMS subsystems can be used either individually or in a network. This gives you a wide range of combination options, totally tailored to your training situation.

The system remains easy to operate, as significant focus has been placed on standardisation, particularly in the design of the interfaces.

Decentralised control technology
This makes even large systems easy to operate: each station has a dedicated controller, so that it can be used individually. The stations are synchronised at level 1 (L1) using digital I/Os.

Order input and visualisation of the CNC cell
The cell computer of the CNC cell facilitates input of a number of different CNC orders in one order batch. Each order can start its own CNC program via DNC. You can also define whether an order should involve turning or milling or turning and milling. In addition to order input, the CNC is dynamically visualised using a 3D representation.