CNC Mill Training System – Heavy Duty

CNC Mill Training System – Heavy Duty

The CNC Mill – Heavy Duty consists of a milling table, a headstock carrying the spindle motor, and a cast-iron vertical column with dovetail slide. Two ball screws, each driven by a stepper motor, are used to move the table along the X axis (left and right) and Y axis (backward and forward) to feed the stock through the periphery of the end mill. A third ball screw, ­also driven by a stepper motor, is used to move the headstock along the Z axis (up and down) for positioning the end mill.



Main features

  • 12-key membrane keypad with 20-character by four-line LCD ­display
  • 746 W (1 hp) motor
  • Rear panel input for 5250 TTL ­control
  • Pneumatic vise output
  • Connects to host computer through RS-232 or Ethernet port
  • Sturdy construction, with larger, more powerful components than the light-duty CNC Mill
  • Speed of each stepper motor can be programmed separately for feed rates up to 508 mm/min (20 in/min)

Note: This product is currently not fully compliant with EU directives.



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