iCIM – The platform for professional interdisciplinary CIM training. With perfectly matched software. For effective planning and engineering.

iCIM – The platform for professional interdisciplinary CIM training. With perfectly matched software. For effective planning and engineering.

iCIM –  the platform for research and training

iCIM systems play an important role in illustrating complex topics such as production logistics and sequence planning in flexible manufacturing systems (FMS):

  • Material supply and disposal
  • Planning algorithms for automated production lines
  • and much more.

The exclusive use of open standards for communication and databases as well as the modular structure of the software provides numerous possibilities for realising your own ideas.

The interface between iCIM-ERP and iCIM-MES has been published. With suitable programming skills you can link the iCIM system into your existing PPS or ERP system.

A world of possibilities awaits – why not find out more?

The fascination of CIM
Computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) provides an impressive display of what can be achieved with current technology:

PCs, robots, programmable logic controllers and CNC machines communicate via networks. Processes are optimised through simulation,a whole host of production data is administered and made available in databases. Just about every process is "integrated", which means individual processes can no longer be considered in isolation. This requires all those involved in the production process to have an in depth understanding of the relationships between these individual processes.

Interdisciplinary with iCIM
Future technicians and engineers, but also sales staff and management, benefit from interdisciplinary training on iCIMsystems. From the fundamentals of mechatronics to complex networked processes, the relationships between individual processes are illustrated in a clear and comprehensible way.

iCIMsoftware – all of the tools that you need for effective planning and engineering



How does a company function? Every company is certainly unique, but there are common aspects: Entering and managing customer data, entering and maintaining basic data, defining machines with their costs as manufacturing resources, maintaining parts lists. This gets really interesting when manufacturing orders are placed. How does the material availability look? Can the delivery dates be met? iCIM ERP is an industrial ERPsystem, which is optimised for iCIM systems and offers all commonly used functions and reports.

CIROS Production 240.jpg 

Virtual reality and 3D simulation

Creating and testing manufacturing processes on a PC – this is easy in the CIROS® virtual factory environment. Assemble a production line from the module library, create the matching MES project with one mouse click, enter the process parameters and start the process. The 3D simulation now clearly illustrates the procedure, with real robot programmes running in the simulated robots.

Just like a real system, the virtual systems can also be connected with iCIM ERP.



CAMConcept from EMCO is a CAD/CAM system for turning and milling applications with integrated 3D graphic simulation. Design simple parts using the integrated CAD functionality and then create your CNC program – you don't even need any controller-specific CNC knowledge.


Planning is one thing – production is another. The MESin iCIM brings planning and production together. Using the CIROS® integration tool as a basis, we create and supply an open and modular MES solution for your system which you can modify if necessary. The wide range of standard interfaces means that virtually all automation devices can be integrated, which is an important consideration for those system components you already own.


Quality assurance

Industrial vision systems are increasingly becoming as important as verniers and probes. However, a sound knowledge of image processing and in particular lighting technology is required to design a vision application. Our intelligent compact camera provides all of the functions of a modern vision system and is ideal for both beginners and professional users.

Programming tools

We offer practical programming tools for each iCIMsystem for programming and setting the parameters for PLCsand robots. Cost-effective multiple licences for classroom scenarios are available for almost all packages.


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