iCIM 3000 – the complete training system with potential

iCIM 3000 – the complete training system with potential


Flexible system design  


The unique object-oriented approach of the iCIM systems facilitates maximum flexibility when it comes to designing systems. The stations are positioned along the conveyor based on the space available – you decide the configuration. We also optionally supply transport systems in special sizes or with sorting gates and alternative tracks.

Training included  


With iCIM 3000 you are not just purchasing an excellent training platform – you are also purchasing qualified training by our experts, the purpose of which is to equip you for the continued use of the system. The step-by-step training introduces the subsystems and their interfaces. Once you get to that stage, integrating them into a complete system is virtually child's play. 

iCIM 3000 system description

Automatic warehouse, assembly station, testing station and CNC machines are combined into a flexible production system using a pallet transport system. Each station removes its designated pallet from the conveyor, processes the materials upon it and then replaces it on the conveyor. The cell computer coordinates control of the pallets to the workstations and their start in accordance with the planned process.  

Control technology and communication

Each individual station has its own controller and can therefore also be used on its own for training purposes. In accordance with the latest technological trends, networking of the system is performed using Ethernet to ensure open interfaces and extendability.

Training aims:

  • Industrial communication and networks
  • Cell control and process planning
  • System and robot simulation
  • PLC and fieldbus technology
  • Positioning technology and servo drives
  • Handling and robot technology
  • CNC programming and simulation
  • CAD/CAM and DNC
  • Pneumatic and electropneumatic components

iCIM 3000 complete package:

iCIM stations

Pallet transport system

  • Dimensions LxW: 3000 x 1000 mm  
  • Transport height/track width: 788 mm/80 mm
  • Working positions: 4, can be extended later
  • Controller: S7-300  

Automatic warehouse

  • Dimensions: LxWxH: 2380 x 1300 x 1800 mm
  • Number of stock locations: 40/50
  • Shelf robot: linear, X/Y/Z, DC servo, axis of rotation
  • Controller: S7-300 

Robot assembly cell

  • Dimensions LxW: 1100 x 700 mm  
  • Pallet buffer/magazine: 4/3
  • Robot type/payload: 6-axis, 2 kg

Loading robot for CNC machines

  • Robot type/payload: 6-axis, 3 kg
  • Linear axis (7th axis): 2500 mm travel  
  • Pallet buffer/magazine: 4/3

CNC processing centre, series 250

  • Travel X/Y/Z: 350/250/300 mm  
  • Output: 7 kW
  • Tool drum: 20-station
  • Controller type (PC controller): Sinumerik 810D/840D

CNC turning machine, series 250

  • Travel X/Z: 100/300 mm  
  • Output: 5.5 kW
  • Tool drum VDI 16: 12-station
  • Controller type (PC controller): Sinumerik 810D/840D

Quality station with handling device

  • Travel X/Z: 450/80 mm
  • Measuring principle: tactile/analogue/linear variable differential transformer
  • Measuring range/accuracy: 28 – 32 mm/± 0.1 mm
  • Controller: S7-300




  • for cell control
    Powerful MES software comprising the modules Visualisation, Process control, Process connection, Database and Simulation.
  • for 3D system simulation
    For simulation of the iCIM systems in a virtual reality environment. iCIM station library. User-friendly layout editor. Fully compatible with the non-virtual iCIM system.
  • for 3D robot simulation
    For programming robots in a virtual cell environment. Ideal for offline robot training. Extensive cell library. Realistic sequence simulation. Sensor simulation.
  • for robot programming
    Programming package for Mitsubishi robots.
  • CAMConcept CAD/CAM software package, multiple licence
    Simple CAD/CAM system for turning and milling applications with 3D graphic simulation.

Commissioning/training package
Commissioning and initial training (in Germany), delivery of the system. Set-up and commissioning at the delivery location. Expert initial training (4 days) for up to 4 persons.


Upgrades and optional packages:
(not included in the scope of delivery)



Whether further stations, modified system layouts or integration of existing system parts – we are happy to address any special requests you have in the area of control technology. Why not benefit from our experts' many years of experience?

Robot Vision optional package (V1)


Industrial CMOS compact camera with integrated illumination and Ethernet interface. Resolution 640 x 480 pixels. Stable stand with tilt adjustment. The camera determines the gripper parameters for the robot assembly station. Includes professional image processing software.

CNC option


We are happy to offer you iCIM 3000 with alternative robots and CNC machines:

  • (C1) CNC machine, series 55
  • (C2) CNC machine, series 105

Robot option

  • (A2) 6-axis assembly robot, 3 kg
  • (A3) SCARA assembly robot, 6 kg
  • (F2) 6-axis loading robot, 2 kg



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