AFB training factory

AFB training factory

The AFB training factory produces complete six-packs. All the production steps involved are covered, from production of the liquid through to packing of the containers and storage and shipping of the finished product.

The process automation section of the plant is where the liquid is produced: Raw materials are filtered, mixed together with other ingredients according to different recipes, temperature-controlled and stored ready for use. In-line samples can be taken from the ongoing process before the liquid reaches the filling station. Bottles from a belt conveyor are filled and capped on a rotary indexing table. The bottles are then sealed with machined and tested caps and packed into six-packs. Depending on the order, the completed six-packs can be placed in interim storage via the belt rotation system or delivered for shipping. Empty six-packs can be conveyed back into the system on roller conveyors and either placed in storage or fed directly into the production process.

Optimum operator control
Whether via touch panel, visualization system or control panel, all the stations and the entire training factory can be operated and monitored in a highly user-friendly way.   

Everything in hand
Whether bottle or six-pack, the professional handling units in the AFB training factory ensure a safe, precise, fast material flow.  

Tried and proven
The MPS® stations, which have been deployed for training purposes thousands of times all over the world, supply the caps in the training factory. The stations particularly enable an optimum level of highly sophisticated training in mechatronics.

Automation technology is taught using state-of-the-art equipment; not just the new MPS® PA stations, but also the automatic warehouse, the filling station and the order compilation station.

Either an overview of the complete plant or access to each individual station is available; the visualization system at the AFB training factory permits monitoring of all signals and provides trend graphs of the analog process variables, with remote access to the various functions and monitoring of all processes. All training factory stations communicate via TCP-IP with the visualization computer.

RFID option
Full tracking and documentation of the entire production process is demanded in more and more areas of industry. The AFB training factory also makes this possible: Production data such as the recipe or batch identifier are stored on the mobile data carriers fixed to each individual bottle and can be checked prior to shipping. This means that state-of-the-art RFID technology can now be integrated highly demonstratively into automation training.

Training content
The multitude of stations and the technologies embedded in them permit an investigation of almost all relevant areas of control and automation technology.

  • Use of RFID technology
  • Vision systems and camera inspection
  • Use and programming of PLCs
  • Application of various handling devices and grippers
  • Application of various electrical drives (DC, AC)
  • Application of frequency converters
  • Use of multi-axis handling systems for handling and palletizing
  • Networking sensors and actuators via AS-interface
  • Use and commissioning of a CAN network
  • Networking automated systems with Ethernet TCP-IP
  • Measurement and control of electrical and process engineering variables such as level, flow rate, pressure and temperature
  • Process operation and monitoring, system management
  • Selection, deployment and control of process fittings


Zone 1: MPS® PA filtering*, mixing*, reactor*, filling (quality sampling)* stations
Zone 2: AFB filling and order compilation stations
Zone 3: MPS® distribution**, separation**, processing**, buffering** and handling stations**
Zone 4: AFB pallet transport system, AFB station automatic warehouse and incoming goods and outgoing goods.

Software and media
STEP 7 Trainer Package programming software, CIROS®, FluidLab®-PA, Mechatronics Assistant, WinCC

* Including mobile base frame, touch panel and S7-300 EduTrainer® Universal.
** Including mobile base frame, MPS® control panel and S7-300 EduTrainer® Universal.



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