Workstation accessories

Workstation accessories


Users shall find most fasteners, tools, and measuring apparatus required for the suggested experiments in this package.

It shall include various lengths of cap screws with a single hexagonal socket drive size so that only one tool is required to fix components to the T-slotted extrusions. A compartmented box with two handles shall be included to store, organize and quickly identify fasteners.

The main components of this package shall include:

  • 34x zinc finish flat washers
  • 34x roll-in T-nuts
  • 10x round-end shaft keys
  • 2x anodized aluminum risers
  • Assortment of 52x hexagonal socket head cap screws of 5 different lengths
  • Assortment of shims of various thicknesses and colors ranging from 0.05 mm to 1.50 mm
  • 1x hasp, two padlocks and two “Danger” tags
  • 1x dial indicator kit with a gauge travel of 25 mm and magnetic base plus support to attach to the workstation extrusions.
  • 1x combination square
  • 1x 25 leaves feeler gauge with thicknesses from 0.04 mm to 1 mm
  • 1x combination, contact/photo digital tachometer with LCD display
  • 1x tape measure
  • 1x sand belt
  • 1x soapstone holder and 5x soap-stones
  • 1x pair of needle nose pliers
  • 1x 610 mm long straight-edge with a straightness tolerance of  -0.127 mm to +0.127 mm
  • 1x digital caliper with a 0.01 mm resolution and an LCD display
  • 1x nine piece hexagonal key set of 1.5 mm to 10 mm size with ball profile on the long arm
  • 1x 6 mm size, two-tip ball profile T-handle hexagonal key
  • 1x 3 mm size, two-tip ball profile T-handle hexagonal key
  • 1x compartmented box with two handles, divided in 12 sections with identification labels
  • 1x prony brake with two spring scales, a friction belt, an aluminum pulley, a plastic bottle and a belt tension adjustment tool



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