Mechanical drives training system – Level 3: Training documentation

 Mechanical drives training system – Level 3: Training documentation

This package shall contain a CD-ROM with PDF versions of the student and instructor manuals of the topics from Mechanical Drives Training System, level 3 as well as one printed copy of each of the instructor and student manuals. The PDF version shall grant modification as well as reproduction rights.

Includes all job sheets for instructors and students for Level 3 and Workstation package.


Shaft alignment and couplings:

  • Shaft alignment: straight-edge and feeler gauge method, rim and face method, reverse dial indicator method, laser method (optional)
  • Flange couplings
  • Flexible sleeve couplings
  • Chain/gear/grid couplings
  • Universal joints

Bearings and seals:

  • Removal/installation of gaskets, and seals
  • Use of an arbor press and a hammer for installation/removal of bearings
  • Use of a splitter/puller
  • Installation of a bearing by heating the inner raceway
  • Removal/installation of shaft lock nuts, lock washers, and snap rings
  • Introduction to cleaning and lubrication of bearings




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