Level 2 accessories

Level 2 accessories


Users shall find most fasteners, tools, and measuring apparatus required for the suggested experiments of level 2 in this package.

The main components of this package shall include:

  • 1x 1 ton arbor press with 102 mm throat with base and fastener kit.
  • 1x tensioning element for both chain and belt drives with a maximum force of 168 N.
  • 1x rubber strap-wrench with a maximum opening diameter of 305 mm.
  • 1x 20 cm long adjustable wrench.
  • 1x torque wrench with scale range 3.96 Nm to 29 Nm.
  • 1x 7 pieces metric hexagonal socket set with standard 3/8 in drive.
  • 1x 27 pieces metric socket wrench set including wrench.
  • 2x aluminum extension risers.
  • 2x tensioners with adjustment setscrew.
  • 1x wrench extension.
  • 1x set of identification labels.



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