Equipment set TP 702 – Advanced level: Advanced proportional hydraulics training

Equipment set TP 702 – Advanced level: Advanced proportional hydraulics training

Proportional hydraulics, Advanced Level

The training package TP 702 builds directly on the material covered in package TP 701, Basic Level, and adds nine further, more in-depth and real-life case studies.




The package includes the following steps:

  • Understanding the task using a positional sketch, diagram and problem description
  • Designing the hydraulic circuit diagram
  • Determining the necessary signal transmitters
  • Compiling the sequence table
  • Designing the electric signal control system
  • Structuring and commissioning the proportional hydraulic control system
  • Settings and evaluating the result


Training content


  • Determining characteristics curves and characteristics of different sensors
  • Coordinating electrical and hydraulic equipment
  • Creating characteristic curves for displacement, pressure and temperature sensors

Measurements and calculations:

  • Measuring and processing parameters such as displacement, time, pressure and temperature
  • Further signal processing of analogue signals

Hydraulic circuits:

  • Controlling pressure, speed, acceleration, delay and position
  • Reading and creating proportional hydraulic and electric circuit diagrams
  • Reading motion diagrams
  • Designing and commissioning proportional hydraulic control systems, including fault finding
  • Adjusting and coordinating as per the specified procedure description
  • Using basic circuits for proportional hydraulics such as: speed, rotational speed, stage, acceleration, braking and differential circuits, as well as positioning
  • Implementing specific displacement-time and positioning programs
  • Setting precise switch-off positions
  • Implementing drive acceleration with a proportional pressure-relief valve
  • Implementing oscillating movements for a cylinder with a proportional hydraulic control system
  • Implementing the specified speed profile by means of an additional bypass circuit and slow retraction to the end positions
  • Implementing a travel process with a 2/2-way proportional valve and a proportional pressure-relief valve


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9 exercises illustrate the most important circuits and equipment in proportional hydraulics. To carry out the exercises, the equipment sets for proportional hydraulics TP 701 (Basic Level) and TP 702 (Advanced Level) are required.

The workbook contains:

  • Sample solutions
  • Training notes
  • Worksheets for students

Supplementary media

  • Designing and simulating with FluidSIM®
  • Measuring and controlling with FluidLab®
  • eLearning course: Hydraulics
  • eLearning course: Electrohydraulics
  • eLearning course: Open- and closed-loop control
  • Textbook: Proportional hydraulics – Basic level
  • Hydraulics poster set


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