Equipment set TP 602 – Advanced level: Electrohydraulics for advanced students

Equipment set TP 602 – Advanced level: Electrohydraulics for advanced students

The new advanced level

The training package TP 602 builds directly on the material covered in basic principles package TP 601, and adds more in-depth projects to it.

It provides students with advanced knowledge about the basic physical principles of electrical engineering and electrohydraulics, as well as how electrohydraulic and control technology components function and are used.

In order to carry out the projects, users require the components and the necessary accessories from TP 601.

The number and version of the components are specifically adapted to the projects in the workbook. This makes it possible to achieve many important training objectives at little cost.


Training content

Power packs and components:

  • Design and mode of operation of different proximity sensors
  • Function and possible applications of a time relay with switch-on and switch-off delay
  • Design and use of an electrical predetermining counter

Learning objectives for hydraulic circuits:

  • Selecting proximity sensors according to the technical control requirements
  • Expanding electrohydraulic control systems and adjusting the documentation
  • Designing and arranging path- and pressure-dependent sequence controls
  • Identifying signal overlaps in a sequence control and taking the appropriate action
  • Designing and arranging sequence control as a standing sequencer
  • Using memory to implement an emergency operation
  • Implementing control systems with the operating modes single cycle and continuous cycle
  • Querying time in electrohydraulic control systems
  • Getting to know and using further logical connections
  • Designing and arranging pressure sequence control
  • Knowing safety-related conditions that could be needed for a drive
  • Designing and arranging safety functions with a predefined motion sequence for a control system
  • Implementing control systems with the operating modes inching and aligning
  • Systematically identifying and eliminating errors in complex electrohydraulic control systems
  • Creating sequence control as a displacement-step diagram
  • Representing procedure descriptions with GRAFCET

Hydraulics plus!

Delivered in practical, Systainer-compatible equipment trays. The trays fit into the drawers in Learnline workstations. The new components, with added training value and relevant project tasks, form the basis for advanced training in fundamental principles.


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The basic practical circuits in electrohydraulics are presented in 12 exercises. In order to carry out the exercises, students require the equipment set of TP 601 Electrohydraulics, Basic Level and Advanced Level TP 602.

The workbook contains:

  • Sample solutions
  • Training notes
  • Multimedia USB-Stick with or download access to graphics, photos of industrial applications, animations and FluidSIM circuit diagrams
  • Worksheets for students

Supplementary media

  • Designing and simulating with FluidSIM
  • Measuring and controlling with FluidLab
  • eLearning course: Hydraulics
  • eLearning course: Electrohydraulics
  • Textbook Basic principles of Hydraulics and Electrohydraulics
  • Hydraulics poster set



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