Festo LX – Single Sign-On

Festo LX – Single Sign-On


With Single Sign-On (SSO), you can focus on effective teaching and learning with Festo LX.

By using Festo LX SSO, your employees use their existing company account to log in to Festo LX and do not need to remember additional usernames and passwords.

The security policies you have established in your company will also be applied to Festo LX.

Technical requirements

  • Festo LX SSO requires an active Festo LX Basic Subscription.
  • You also need an identity management system on your side to use Festo LX SSO.  
  • Festo LX supports Single Sign-On according to the OpenID Connect specification, which is based on the OAuth 2.0 standard. With Single Sign-On, Festo LX authenticates a user during login based on your Identity Management System.

To activate Festo LX SSO for your organization, the Festo LX team and your IT department (Identity Management team) must agree on the required interfaces before SSO can be implemented.

To provide this SSO service, Festo must store first name, last name, email address and the unique user identifier. This data is stored according to Festo LX data protection regulations. Click here to learn more.

Please clarify the technical requirements with your IT before placing an order for Festo LX SSO.

Establishing SSO for Festo LX is a one-time service fee and does not need to be ordered again when the subscription for Festo LX will be extended.

In case of tremendous changes in the Identity Management System on customer side, an extra service fee might apply.



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