MPS processing station: electric DC actuators in production

 MPS processing station: electric DC actuators in production

Illustration includes additional equipment and accessories

The MPS processing station C covers a range of topics, including how to program two parallel processes on one rotary indexing table: drilling and checking drilled holes. It also includes a range of different actuators: a DC drill, a DC motor on the rotary indexing table, an electric linear axis for the drill feed, an electric deflector and a solenoid probe in the clamping device and the testing module.

The station tests and processes workpieces on a rotary indexing table, and exclusively uses electric actuator technology. The rotary indexing table is driven by a DC motor. A relay circuit is used to position the rotary indexing table, and the current position of the table is detected by an inductive sensor. A solenoid probe with an inductive sensor checks whether the workpieces are inserted in the correct positions. The workpieces are tested and drilled in two parallel processes. A solenoid probe clamps the workpiece for the drilling procedure. Finished workpieces are passed on via the electric deflector.

The drill is fed by an electric linear axis with a DC motor, which is actuated by a reversing contactor. The end positions are sensed by means of micro switches. The drill is fully functional, but for safety reasons the drilling processes are only simulated.


  • You will understand the role of capacitive sensors and roller lever limit switches in automatic production
  • You will be able to control DC motors using a number of methods, including relays
  • You will be able to control solenoid probes
  • You will understand how relay circuits are used
  • You will be able to program several functions on a rotary indexing table


  • The highly modular nature of the station makes it suitable for use in various types of project work.
  • The station can be used in systems either on its own or combination with other stations at various stages of the process.
  • The station covers the following topics: electrical switching and actuator technology.

Technical data

  • Power supply 24 V DC
  • 8 digital inputs
  • 8 digital outputs



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