Focus and trending topics I4.0

Focus and trending topics I4.0

The digitalization of production allows people, products and production facilities to be intelligently networked. This creates potential for increasing the quality, efficiency and transparency of production.

In a variety of application areas, from simulation and secure networking to AI-based analytics and energy efficiency measures, the following focus and trending topics can be integrated into the learning system in a modular fashion.


Factory Simulation
Simulation and virtual commissioning save time and money in mechanical engineering and provide a clear and effective training and research tool. It is possible to switch between a real system and a simulation in order to use the appropriate perspective for each purpose.


Factory Management
In a modern, networked factory, machines and workpieces communicate with each other as well as with ERP (Enterprise Resource Resource Planning) systems and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), both inside and outside the factory, up to the cloud level. MES4 is the didactic MES for Festo for an intelligent factory with open interfaces.


Network and IT Security
Machines and systems have to be protected against unauthorized access. Since attackers are also using increasingly sophisticated methods with increasing digitalization, the security mechanisms and employee  expertise in place have to keep pace.


Artificial Intelligence in Application
Machine learning, or deep learning, based on neural networks has shown particular promise for automated data analysis. Increasing computing power makes it possible to analyze and classify huge amounts of data which can be used to draw profitable conclusions. This is why flexible and exciting data analysis based on machine learning is also making its way into our training factories.


Smart Maintenance
Servicing machines and equipment is facilitated and accelerated by digitalization in the factory. Machines can independently order upcoming servicing, and the automated evaluation of downtimes enables the continuous improvement of processes.


Energy Management
Integrated energy monitoring with web-based visualizations allows easy analysis of electrical consumption and compressed air as well as monitoring of the correct functioning of the modules. Consumption can also be controlled in a targeted manner, meaning that in addition to energy efficiency issues, energy flexibility is also increasingly coming into focus.


Industrial Robotics
Industrial robots truly come into their own when it comes to the automated and efficient assembly of products and variants. For this reason, robotic cells usually constitute an essential core of the overall system in our CP Factory.


Mobile Robotics
An intelligent flow of materials and networked logistics are important drivers for Industry 4.0. The CP Factory offers a versatile teaching and research platform for a wide range of logistics problems, including the integration of the latest version of the proven mobile robot