Equipment set TP 1311: Sensors for object detection

Equipment set TP 1311: Sensors for object detection

The purpose of automation technology

The subject of sensors for object detection is covered extensively in the TP 1311 equipment set. The topics include configuration, function, areas of application and the selection of sensors based on the requirements of an application.

The equipment set contains sensors with analogue and binary output signals, although the focus is on binary output signals. These sensors are called proximity switches.

The following types are contained in the equipment set:

  • Magnetic proximity sensors
  • Inductive proximity sensors
  • Optical proximity sensors
  • Capacitive proximity sensors
  • Inductive sensors (analogue)

The special feature
Hands-on experience plays a central role in teaching the fundamentals of sensors for object detection. Examples are used to demonstrate the general operational principles of different sensors. Special attention is paid to the selection of the right sensor, its connection, the correct setting and functional checking.

With the TP 1311 students can acquire a thorough, basic knowledge about sensors for object detection.

Course topics

  • Configuration, function and coefficients of the sensors used
  • Basic principles of connection and circuit technology
  • Influence of shape, material, surface and colour of the object on the switching characteristics of sensors
  • Terms which describe coefficients and functional behaviour
  • Configuration of logic circuits
  • Selecting appropriate sensors by taking into account certain parameters


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Fifteen projects based on industrial examples, suitable for equipment set TP 1311, each including problem descriptions, parameters and project tasks, deal in detail with the specific subject of sensors for object detection. The main topics are configuration, function and the influence of material properties on behaviour, possible applications and how to select a sensor based on the application conditions. The content topics are covered by exercises using magnetic, inductive, optical and capacitive proximity sensors.

The workbook includes:

  • Sample solutions
  • Training notes
  • Multimedia USB-Stick with or download access to graphics, photos of industrial applications
  • Exercise sheets for trainees

Supplementary media

  • eLearning course: sensor technology 2: Sensors for object detection
  • Textbook: Proximity switches



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