Supplementary equipment set to upgrade from Pneumatics, Basic level TP 101 America to Electropneumatics, Basic level TP 201 America

Supplementary equipment set to upgrade from Pneumatics, Basic level TP 101 America to Electropneumatics, Basic level TP 201 America

The Lab-Volt Pneumatics – Electrical Control successor

The Lab-Volt Fluid Power System has been re-engineered and transferred to Festo Didactic’s Training Packages series.

TP 201 America is an extension to TP 101 America and a comprehensive introduction to electropneumatics.

Equipment set TP 101 America is a prerequisite to use TP 201 America.

The electrical symbols in the courseware and on the modules are drawn according to NEMA standards. The design and simulation software ­FluidSIM® provides all required NEMA symbols in easy-to-access component libraries. In addition, all circuits in the courseware procedures are available in FluidSIM® for reference.

Training aims TP 201 America

Introduction to Electropneumatics

  • Familiarization with the Equipment
  • Electrical Concepts
  • Basic Electricity
  • Ladder Diagrams and Logic Operators
  • Basic Electropneumatic Circuits

Sequence Systems

  • Basic Memory and Priority
  • Multi-Pressure Systems
  • Sequencing Pneumatic Circuits
  • Time-Delay Electropneumatic Applications

Industrial Applications

  • Deceleration of Actuators
  • Counting of Actuator Cycles
  • Industrial Drilling System and Safety Circuits
  • Garbage Compactor Circuit


  • Troubleshooting Electrical Control Circuits
  • Troubleshooting Electropneumatic System


As a prerequisite for the setup of any fluid power training system, a work-station is required. A wide range of workstations is available, from simple desktop arrangements to complete workplaces supporting customization possibilities.

Energy supply

A variety of compressors and DC power supplies are available.

Software for circuit design and simulation

Designing and planning can be pure fun with FluidSIM®.

Service and seminars

Our offering supports educational facilities to develop and speed up learning success.

Equipment set + Courseware = Training Package

The courseware exercises are ­tailor-made for the corresponding equipment set.

Next step: our additions – your choice

A variety of possibilities can be added according to your educational needs.

Supplementary equipment sets:

TP 210    – Measurement and control

TP 220    – Different drive types in pneumatics

TP 230    – Vacuum system technology

TP 240    – Sensors in pneumatics

TP 250    – Safety in pneumatic systems

Stand-alone basic level:

TP 111    – Basic closed-loop in pneumatics

TP 1311 – Sensors for object detection

The electrical symbols in these supplements are drawn according to IEC standards. A NEMA/IEC conversion table is provided in the courseware of TP 201 America to support the implementation.


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