Equipment set TP 111: Basic closed-loop pneumatics training

Equipment set TP 111: Basic closed-loop pneumatics training

Training aims

  • Controlling pressure and position
  • Action sequence of a control circuit: controlled, manipulated, disturbance and reference variables
  • Activity and timing of control units: discontinuous and continuous controls, P, I, D, PI, PD, PID controls, status controls
  • Behaviour of control sequences: transfer characteristics, transient response, system with and without compensation, system of first, second and third order, idle times
  • Interaction of closed-loop controls and control systems: control circuit optimisation, stability considerations
  • Setup, commissioning and optimisation of closed-loop control assemblies, devices and systems with analogue controller cards

Recommended training media

  • WBT Pneumatics
  • Design and simulation program, FluidSIM® Pneumatics

Also order:
Workbook Closed-loop pneumatics

Partial equipment sets for controlling pressure and position on request.

The linear drive and linear potentiometer are mounted perpendicular to the profile slot.


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