Equipment set TP 810 – Advanced level: Diagnostic system FluidLab-M: Measurement – Visualisation – Analysis

Equipment set TP 810 – Advanced level: Diagnostic system FluidLab-M: Measurement – Visualisation – Analysis

A greater understanding of diagnostic systems

System diagnostics, condition monitoring and energy efficiency are becoming more important all the time.

A fluid power system can only be optimally set if measurements are taken at the correct points. The correct conclusions must then be drawn from the measurement data. However, with dynamic system conditions, measuring techniques such as the use of a pressure gauge are pushed to their limits. That is why permanent measured data acquisition with visualisation of measurement curves is necessary. Servicing and maintenance personnel then have access to crucial information for the tasks at hand and settings required. FluidLab-M is the universal measuring tool for all pneumatic and hydraulic training packages.

The new FluidLab-M
Do you want the measuring system for your fluid power circuits, processes or systems to be simple but high quality? To start with, any number of sensors with voltage output and connected to a PC via EasyPort, can be adapted to the measurement software in a few simple steps. Your sensor settings, designations and ranges of values are stored and immediately ready to use next time. FluidLab-M can record up to four analogue and digital inputs simultaneously.

Reproducible measurement processes
Simply start the measurement and record digital and analogue input and output signals. During the measurement, you can set and reset the digital outputs manually and control the analogue outputs. A reproducible, controlled measurement process is important if you want to be able to compare series of measurements. This is a particular strong point of FluidLab-M. The measurement process can be programmed and saved directly in a text editor using a simple programming code. Delay times, jump or repeat commands, and periodic analogue output signals can all be programmed, for example.

Visualisation and analysis
Two display modes are available for measured data data acquisition. One is with up to two Y-axes over time (X-axis). For example, changes in pressure and flow rate over the course of a cycle can be recorded. The other is an XY graph to record e.g. a flow control or pump characteristic, in other words pressure over flow rate. The measured values can be saved and superimposed with other records within the software, or compared and analysed. There are two measuring cursor and zoom and detail functions available for the purpose of analysis. Alternatively, a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel can be used to open and work with the measured values.

System requirements

    • PC with Windows XP/7/8/10
    • Pentium® III or equivalently
    • 2 GB RAM
    • CD-ROM disk drive
    • USB 2.0 or serial interface
    • 1280 x 1024 pixels
    • NI LabView 2012 Runtime (included in scope of delivery)

Measurements can be carried out with any sensor with voltage output and 4 mm safety plug. Sensors are not included in scope of delivery.

The media on offer for TP 810

  • Workbook for mobile hydraulics TP 800
  • Designing and simulating with FluidSIM
  • eLearning course: Hydraulics
  • eLearning course: Electrohydraulics
  • Hydraulics poster set


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