Equipment set TP 803 – Advanced level: Mobile hydraulics – Working hydraulics 2

Equipment set TP 803 – Advanced level: Mobile hydraulics – Working hydraulics 2

Working hydraulics 2

The challenge for the efficient operation of machines is how to handle frequently changing loads and fluctuating speeds during the operation cycle.

Constant displacement pump systems generally have a very poor degree of efficiency in such cases, as they are always designed for the highest, most likely pressure and flow rate.

Load-sensing systems are different. Both the pressure and the flow rate are adapted to the actual needs. This requires a variable displacement pump with a load-sensing (LS) controller, as well as valves with the right type of control paths for load feedback to the pump controller.

System behaviour under load
In practical applications, the challenge is to handle continuously changing large loads reliably and efficiently. To reflect this challenge properly in the training system, we have developed a cylinder load simulator which allows an extremely wide range of load types even with the TP 801 set.

An active or passive hydraulic counteracting force is applied to a combination of two differential or through-rod cylinders.

By doing away with large working loads and integrating an overload safeguard, the cylinder load simulator is not just highly flexible, but also safe to use and extremely manageable.

TP 803 – Working hydraulics advanced level training content
The advanced level focuses on the load-sensing system with variable displacement pump, control block, pilot control and up to two loads.

Components and accessories from the equipment sets TP 801 and TP 802 are required to carry out the projects.

The content:

  • Design, mode of operation and setting of a variable displacement pump with load sensing controller and control block.
  • Comparing and assessing the energy usage of flow control, open centre load sensing and closed centre load sensing with a variable displacement pump.
  • Remote control and hydraulic pilot control of control blocks.
  • Characteristics of load sensing systems with upstream and downstream pressure balances (flow distribution independent of load pressures).

The hydraulic power pack
The power pack used for the mobile hydraulics training packages is a variable and constant displacement pump combination. The constant displacement pump is ideal both for the basic principles of hydraulics and electrohydraulics and for the mobile hydraulics sets TP 801 and TP 802. With TP 803, the focus shifts to the variable displacement pump with LS controller, with the function of the constant-displacement pump now being applied to active hydraulic loads on the cylinder load simulator.


The media on offer for TP 803

  • Workbook for mobile hydraulics TP 800
  • Diagnostic system TP 810 with FluidLab-M
  • Designing and simulating with FluidSIM
  • eLearning course: Hydraulics
  • eLearning course: Electrohydraulics
  • Hydraulics poster set


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