Equipment set TP 502 – Advanced level: Hydraulics for advanced users

Equipment set TP 502 – Advanced level: Hydraulics for advanced users

The new advanced level

The training package TP 502 builds on the material covered in training package TP 501 – Basic Level, and adds 15 new projects to it.

The course expands students' knowledge about the basic physical principles of hydraulics and the function and use of further hydraulic components.

In order to carry out the projects, users require the components and the necessary accessories from equipment set TP 501.

Hydraulics plus!

The new components provide added training value and relevant project tasks form the basis for advanced training in fundamental principles.

Delivered in practical, Systainer-compatible equipment trays. These trays, in turn, fit exactly into the drawers in Learnline workstations.

Training content

Power packs and components:

  • Design and function of a hydraulic motor
  • Setting the direction and speed of rotation of a hydraulic motor
  • Design, function and use of a flow divider
  • Using a hydraulic reservoir as a volume and pressure accumulator
  • Design, function and use of a pressure regulator
  • Specifying the cylinder pressure
  • Difference between pressure-relief valves and pressure regulators

Measurements and calculations:

  • Calculating performance ratios of hydraulic circuits from measured values
  • Calculating forces on the cylinder
  • Creating procedure descriptions

Hydraulic circuits:

  • Implementing bypass circuits
  • Ensuring synchronised forward and return strokes
  • Getting to know the bypass circuit
  • Getting to know the rapid traverse feed circuit
  • Advancing and retracting of a cylinder after the pump from the reservoir is switched off
  • Use of a hydraulic reservoir for a rapid traverse circuit
  • Getting to know the rectifier circuit
  • Configuration and description of a sequence control with two cylinders
  • Getting to know the pressure sequence and pressure stage circuit
  • Getting to know the fuse protection for tensile loads


Also order:


The tasks explain further hydraulic circuits. The equipment set of package TP 501 – Hydraulics Basic Level and TP 502 – Advanced Level equipment set are needed to carry out the tasks.

The workbook contains:

  • Sample solutions
  • Training notes
  • Multimedia USB-Stick with or download access to graphics, photos of industrial applications, animations and FluidSIM circuit diagrams
  • Worksheets for students

Supplementary media

  • Designing and simulating with FluidSIM
  • Measuring and controlling with FluidLab
  • eLearning course: Hydraulics
  • Textbook Basic principles of Hydraulics and Electrohydraulics
  • Hydraulics poster set



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