Equipment set TP 1211: Basic principles of circuits with contacts

Equipment set TP 1211: Basic principles of circuits with contacts

Basic principles of control technology
Basic control circuits also have their place in modern automation technology, as simple automation tasks are still set up with low-cost safety circuits.

Realistic projects are executed using the equipment set and practical exercises. The design, function and areas of application of the components are explained along with their use.

Selecting the correct switching elements and equipment is just as important as the correct use and adjustment of protective devices.

The general operating principles are explained using examples and the basic knowledge of the control technology with contacts is explained comprehensively.


  • Extremely compact equipment
  • Flexible thanks to the use of industrial components
  • Easily expandable
  • Jumper plugs for connecting the boards improve clarity
  • Maximum effectiveness in combination with MPS transfer line or electric machines
  • Stable angled screw-in sockets for contacting
  • The optional Systainer solution combines work, transport and storage requirements perfectly, thus reducing the amount of work required before and after lessons

Training content

  • Pushbuttons and switches
  • N/O and N/C contacts
  • Jog mode
  • Self-latching loop
  • Pushbutton lock
  • Multiple control points
  • Messages
  • Design and function of a contactor
  • Electronic time relays
  • Overcurrent trigger and motor protection switch
  • Equipment designations
  • Connecting and testing a three-phase socket
  • Main and control circuit
  • Protective interlocking
  • Reversing contactor circuit
  • Star-delta starting up
  • Reversing contactor circuit with automatic star-delta starting up

Soft starters
requires optional equipment (8121090 or 8126037)

This training package comes disassemble. The safety connectors must be assembled by the end user.


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The exercises in the workbook contain concrete, realistic projects with problem descriptions, parameters and project tasks.

The workbook contains:

  • Sample solutions
  • Educational instructions
  • Multimedia CD-ROM with graphics
  • Worksheets for learners

The worksheets support the learner in the information and planning phase as well as with execution, monitoring and documentation.

All exercises require independent performance, evaluation and documentation from the learner.


Important Notes
For the motor and loading kit, we recommended using the motor (order no.: 571875) which is rated at 400 V in delta and 690 V in star and suitable for the star-delta motor starter. The included overload relay is sized accordingly. For other options, please check the specific product pages.


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