Universal patch panel EduTrainer®

Universal patch panel EduTrainer®

The patch panel is used to accommodate plug-in components and for the solderless design of test or demonstration circuits. The structure permits the direct implementation of the circuits in accordance with the documentation.

All tests for the basic principles of electrical engineering/electronics as well as digital and control technology can be set up on the same patch panel.

Particular emphasis is placed on a standardised concept. All connections are made exclusively using safety connection technology. The sockets are arranged in a 19 mm grid, with four sockets connected conductively within the plate. This is indicated accordingly on the front plate.


Technical data

  • Rated current: max. 16 A
  • Contact resistance: <0.03 Ω
  • Front plate: 399 x 297 mm
  • Control console housing with rubber feet for use in A4 frame or on tabletop
  • Connection via 4 mm safety connectors
  • Voltage buses for voltage distribution




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