FACET® and the eSeries

FACET® and the eSeries

FACET® and eSeries – A completely integrated system
The ­FACET® with eSeries training system is a unique combination of hardware and software, providing a complete learning solution for Electronics training.

This modular training system encompasses four areas of electronics:

  • Basic principles of Electricity and Electronics
  • Digital and Microprocessor ­Electronics
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Communications

System overview
The ­FACET® training workstation consists of a base unit and your choice in a series of 30 boards to choose from, covering a wide range of electronics topics.

Each board comes with comprehensive, hands-on instruction with theory and practice. This courseware is offered in traditional paper format or on a computer based platform.

The computer based courseware, called eSeries for ­FACET®, can run as stand-alone or within the MindSight LMS platform, providing a seamless integration of courseware delivery and classroom management.

Conventional or virtual instrumentation is required to complete the training set up.

Flexibility in delivery
To accommodate a variety of training situations, the system offers multiple configurations. Whichever you plan to use, ­FACET® workstation can be ordered as a stand-alone or USB-connected version.

The courseware can be delivered in a standard, paper-based curriculum or, be a computer based interactive multimedia courseware, the eSeries. Furthermore, the eSeries can be ordered as an autonomous courseware or, managed by our Learning Management System, the Mind-Sight. This LMS can configured as a LAN- or Web-based software.

When combined with the LMS MindSight and eSeries courses, ­FACET® becomes a totally connected learning system for electronics that enhances learning speed and retention.
FACET® is suitable for a multitude of training purposes in educational, industrial, R&D and training laboratories.

Rugged construction for durability
The hardware components of the FACET® system are highly safe and designed for durability.

A complete electronic workstation is formed when a training board is inserted into the base unit. The built-in guide and stopper protects the unit from damage.

The unique zero insertion force (ZIF) connector with a lockable knob insures the integrity of the connection. The connector is gold-plated for added durability.

Power is distributed to the board by the base unit, which is fully protected against short circuits, reverse voltage and overcurrent.

The fact that there is no high voltage makes the system completely safe for students.

The Boards – learning optimization
The Boards are made of quality grade PCB mounted on a sturdy polystyrene tray for added rigidity. Durable, industrial-grade components are capable of withstanding millions of cycles of operation. Prewired circuits minimize wiring time.

The components are clearly identified with silk-screened circuits. Active components are mounted on sockets for easy replacement.

Learning with hands-on
FACET® incorporates built-in circuit modification and fault insertion capabilities. Circuits can be faulted to teach real-world troubleshooting. Students must then locate, isolate, and troubleshoot the malfunction through a series of troubleshooting steps, including the use of test instruments. Up to twenty CMs and twelve faults are introduced from the base unit, reducing the need for connecting leads and allowing practical assessment of a student’s understanding of a circuit.


  • Durable construction where ­mechanical components are ­capable of millions of cycles of operation
  • Voltage regulation and protection against over-voltage and short circuit conditions for safety in training
  • Gold-plated zero insertion force (ZIF) connector technology
  • Silk-screened circuit and component identification
  • Circuit boards mounted in sturdy trays for easy handling and connection to base unit
  • Minimal wiring required saves lab time
  • Variety of industrial-grade components provide broad, hands-on, ­real-world training experience
  • Student-controlled circuit modification capability
  • Instructor-controlled fault insertion capability
  • Computer-activated circuit modification and fault insertion capability (computer-controlled system)
  • Choice of stand-alone, LAN, or Web based configuration



The FACET® System at a glance

A complete FACET® training station consists of:

  • FACET® Base Unit:
    Manual or USB
  • FACET® Circuit Boards:
    Choice of 30 topics
  • Instrumentation:
    The Virtual Instrument Package
    Conventional Instrumentation
    that includes: Multimeter, ­Dual-trace oscilloscope, and
    signal ­generator
  • Courseware:
    Paper manual (hard copy)
    Computer-based – eSeries (Web based or Hosted LMS) or SCORM or Stand-alone
  • Accessory kit