Circuit Board 91026: Power Transistors and GTO Thyristors

Circuit Board 91026: Power Transistors and GTO Thyristors


In the Power Transistors and GTO Thyristors course, students perform practical exercises that demonstrate the use of several power electronic, self-commutated switches. The course contains six types of switches that are implemented with a ­MOSFET, an isolated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT), a fast IGBT, a bipolar resistor, a Darlington resistor, and a GTO thyristor. Learning of switches is expanded with a Driver section, consisting of an opto-isolator and driver for power thyristors; a Load section, consisting of resistive and inductive components; and general-purpose, fast, and ultra-fast free-wheeling diodes.

Topic Coverage

  • Power Transistors and GTO Thyristor Identification
  • Overview of the Circuit Blocks
  • Familiarization with the Driver Circuit Block
  • Familiarization with the Load Circuit Block
  • Basic Operations of Power Bipolar Transistors
  • Basic Operation of Power MOSFETs and IGBTs
  • Basic Operation of GTO Thyristors
  • Switching Time and Conduction Voltage Drop
  • Switching Power in an Inductive Load
  • Free-Wheeling Diode Recovery Time
  • Losses in Electronic Power ­Switches
  • The Bipolar Power Transistor
  • The Darlington Power Transistor
  • The GTO Thyristor
  • The Power MOSFET
  • The IGBT
  • The Ultra-Fast IGBT


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