Circuit Board 91024: Motors, Generators, and Controls

Circuit Board 91024: Motors, Generators, and Controls


The Motors, Generators, and Controls course provides comprehensive, hands-on instruction in the terminology, principles, and applications of the DC motor, AC synchronous motor, phase shifter, and stepper motor. Following a carefully designed instructional program, students are able to perform troubleshooting exercises on analog and pulse-width modulated (PWM) DC motor positioning, analog and PWM DC motor speed control, variable frequency speed control of an AC synchronous motor, operation of a tachogenerator circuit, and speed and position control of a stepper motor with optional computer interface.

Topic Coverage

  • DC Motor Circuits Familiarization
  • Stepper Motor and AC Motor Circuits
  • Analog DC Motor Positioning
  • PWM DC Motor Positioning
  • Analog and Pulsed Speed Control of a DC Motor
  • Variable Frequency Control
  • The Tachometer Generator
  • The Stepper Motor
  • The Stepper Motor Controller
  • Troubleshooting
  • Microprocessor Interface: This exercise and computer interface require the optional 32-Bit Microprocessor board (91017) plus accessories: 9 V Power Supply (91730), and Flat Ribbon Cable (91627).


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