Circuit Board 91015: Digital Circuit Fundamentals 1

Circuit Board 91015: Digital Circuit Fundamentals 1


The Digital Circuit Fundamentals 1 course provides comprehensive, hands-on instruction in the terminology, principles, and applications of digital circuits. Following a carefully designed instructional program, students will become familiar with all components of the board; will be able to isolate, identify and test a series of circuits; and will perform troubleshooting exercises to demonstrate mastery of the course objectives.

Topic Coverage

  • Component Location and Identification
  • Operation of General Circuits
  • IC Package Fundamentals
  • Basic Counter Control Functions
  • Ripple Counter Waveforms
  • Synchronous Counter Circuit Waveforms
  • Synchronous Counter Circuit Glue Logic
  • Basic Operating Modes of the Shift Register
  • Shift Register Circuit Waveforms
  • Fundamental Binary Addition
  • Binary Addition with Input and Output Carry
  • Fundamental Binary Comparisons
  • Comparators and Counter Modulus Control
  • Troubleshooting Basics
  • Troubleshooting Digital Circuits
  • The 74LS193 Counter
  • The 74LS283 4-Bit Adder
  • The 74LS194 Shift Register
  • The 74LS285 Comparator


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