Circuit Board 91010: FET Fundamentals

Circuit Board 91010: FET Fundamentals


The FET Fundamentals course provides comprehensive, hands-on instruction in the terminology, principles and applications of JFET, MOSFET, and UJT. Following a carefully designed instructional program, students will become familiar with all components of the board; will be able to isolate, identify, and test a series of circuits; and will perform troubleshooting exercises to demonstrate mastery of the course objectives.

Topic Coverage

  • Component Location and Identification
  • Unijunction Oscillator Operation
  • JFET Operating Characteristics
  • The Effect of Gate Bias on Pinch-off
  • JFET Dynamic Characteristic Curves
  • JFET Amplifier DC Operation
  • JFET Amplifier Voltage Gain
  • JFET Current Source DC Operation
  • JFET Current Source Power and Load Voltage Variation
  • Zero Bias Characteristic of a MOSFET
  • MOSFET Modes of Operation
  • MOSFET Voltage Amplifier
  • Dual Gate MOSFET Mixer
  • UJT Operating Characteristics
  • UJT Waveform Generation
  • Hartley Oscillator Operation
  • Colpitts Oscillator Operation
  • Thermistor Operation
  • Photoresistor Operation
  • Fiber Optic Light Transfer
  • Troubleshooting Basics
  • Troubleshooting FET Circuits
  • FET Specification Sheets
  • Unijunction Transistor Specification Sheets
  • Transducer Specification Sheets



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