Circuit Board 91006: Transistor Amplifier Circuits

Circuit Board 91006: Transistor Amplifier Circuits


The Transistor Amplifier Circuits Board allows students to perform practical exercises that demonstrate transistor amplifier principles.

Students will identify and isolate faults within the following six circuit blocks: Attenuator, Common Base/Emitter, Common Collector, Bias Stabilization, RC Coupling/Transformer Coupling, and Direct Coupling.

Topic Coverage

  • Circuit Location and Identification
  • Multistage Amplifier Introduction
  • Common Base Circuit DC Operation
  • Common Base Circuit AC Operation
  • Common Emitter Circuit DC Operation/AC Operation
  • Common Collector Circuit DC Operation/AC Operation
  • Temperature Effect on Fixed Bias Circuit and Voltage Divider Bias Circuit
  • Transistor Parameters Familiarization
  • Using the Transistor Specification Sheet
  • RC Coupled Amplifier DC Operation
  • RC Coupled Amplifier AC Voltage Gain and Phase Relationship
  • RC Coupled Amplifier Frequency Response
  • Transformer Coupled Amplifier DC Operation/AC Operation/Frequency Response
  • Direct Coupled Amplifier DC Operation/AC Operation
  • Direct Coupled Amplifier Frequency Response
  • Troubleshooting Basics
  • Troubleshooting Transistor Amplifier Circuits


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