Circuit Board 91005: Semiconductor Devices

Circuit Board 91005: Semiconductor Devices


The Semiconductor Devices Circuit Board contains nine circuit blocks pertaining to skills training in semiconductor circuits. After completion of the FACET® programs in AC and DC Fundamentals and AC and DC Circuits and Analysis, students are ready to train on the Semiconductor Board.

Students in this program will be ­responsible for analyzing and troubleshooting the following circuits: ­Diodes and Half-wave Rectification, Full-wave Rectification with Power Supply Filters, Zener Diode Regulator, Diode Waveshaping, Voltage Doubler, Transistor Junction, PNP DC Bias, and Transistor Load Lines and Gain.

Topic Coverage

  • Semiconductor Component Identification
  • Control of a Semiconductor Switch
  • Diode and DC Characteristics
  • Half-Wave Rectification
  • Full-Wave Diode Bridge Rectification
  • Power Supply Filtering
  • Voltage Doubler
  • Diode Waveshaping
  • The Zener Diode
  • Zener Diode Voltage Regulation
  • Testing the Junctions of a Transistor
  • PNP Transistor Current Control Circuit
  • Emitter-Base Bias Potentials
  • Collector Current vs. Base Bias
  • Transistor DC Circuit Voltages
  • Transistor Load Lines
  • Troubleshooting Basics
  • Troubleshooting the Semiconductor Devices Circuit Board


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