Circuit Board 91003: AC 1 Fundamentals

Circuit Board 91003: AC 1 Fundamentals


This Circuit Board contains nine ­circuit blocks on which students ­perform varied troubleshooting exercises in the AC 1 Fundamentals program. Students identify and isolate the following circuits: Generator Impedance, AC/DC Waveforms, Phase Angle, Inductance/Inductive Reactance, Transformer, Capacitance/Capacitive Reactance, RC Time Constants, and RC/RL Wave Shapes.

Topic Coverage

  • The Oscilloscope
  • The AC Waveform Generator
  • AC Amplitude Measurement
  • Measuring AC Voltage, Current, and Impedance with an Oscilloscope
  • Measuring and Setting Frequency
  • Inductors
  • Phase Angle
  • Inductors in Series and in Parallel
  • Fundamentals of Inductive ­Reactance
  • Inductive Reactance and Impedance
  • Series and Parallel RL Circuits
  • What is an Electromagnet?
  • Transformer Windings
  • Mutual Inductance
  • Transformer Turns and Voltage ­Ratios
  • Transformer Secondary Loading
  • Capacitors
  • Capacitors in Series and in Parallel
  • Fundamentals of Capacitive ­Reactance
  • Series and Parallel RC Circuits
  • RC Time Constants
  • RC/RL Waveshapes
  • Troubleshooting Basics
  • Troubleshooting the AC 1 ­Fundamentals Circuit Board


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