EduTrainer variable transformer

EduTrainer variable transformer

Single-phase variable transformer for providing a variable alternating current.

Alternatively, the device can be used via the integrated rectifier as an unsmoothed direct current source with a variable and a fixed output, e.g. for supplying electrical machinery.

The integrated device circuit breaker deactivates the variable output voltage in the event of an overload or short circuit.

The locations of all connections are standardised and are routed to safety sockets or system plugs.


Technical data

  • Input voltage: 1 x 230 V AC
  • Output voltage: 1 AC/0 – 230 V, short-circuit and overload protected
  • Max. output current: 4 A
  • Rectifier load capacity: 4 A
  • Front panel 266 x 297 mm
  • For use in an A4 frame
  • Connection via 4 mm safety plugs
  • Through-feed for 3 x 400 V AC



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