Solar Power & Photovoltaic Systems: Training documentation

Solar Power & Photovoltaic Systems: Training documentation

The first workbook focusses on the Photovoltaic module itself, including how it is manufactured and how it is used under a variety of conditions. The second workbook gives students the opportunity for practical experimentation with production scenarios in off-grid or parallel operation. The "Solar power" campus license covers one print copy of the guidelines for instructors and the following workbooks for students:

  • Solar power
  • Photovoltaic systems.

Solar Power

  • The Diode
  • The Solar Panel (Photovoltaic Panel)
  • Effect of Temperature on Solar Panel Performance
  • Storing Energy from Solar Panels into Batteries
  • Effect of Shading on Solar Panel Operation
  • Solar Panel Orientation
  • Solar Panel Performance vs. Insolation

Photovoltaic Systems

  • Stand-Alone PV Systems for side-by-side Loads
  • Use of an MPPT Charge Controller in Stand-Alone PV Systems
  • Stand-Alone PV Systems for AC Loads
  • Grid-Tied PV Systems

The exercises in the workbooks contain the theory and lab manipulations that covers the above training content.

The workbooks include:

  • Exercises and sample solutions
  • Training notes
  • Multimedia CD-ROM with graphics
  • Worksheets for students


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