EduTrainer® Compact preferred versions with SIMATIC S7-1200

EduTrainer® Compact preferred versions with SIMATIC S7-1200

The modular mini control system from Siemens

For solutions in discrete and stand-alone automation applications in the lower performance range. The family of SIMATIC S7-1200 controllers is equipped with an integrated engineering system: SIMATIC STEP 7 Basic for controller and HMI.

EduTrainer® Compact with:

CPU S7-1214C

  • 50 kB RAM, 2 MB loading buffer
  • Interface: RJ45


  • 14 digital inputs (24 V DC)
  • 10 digital outputs (24 V DC, 500 mA)
  • 2 analog inputs, 10 bit (0 – 10 V)

CPU module:
SB 1232 AQ analog output

  • AO 1 x 12 Bit (± 10 V DC, 0 – 20 mA)

The mounting system

  • EduTrainer® Compact for ER mounting frame in three different sizes with height and depth of approx. 170 x 80 mm:
     Width for size 1 (ER1): 242 mm
     Width for size 2 (ER2): 364 mm
     Width for size 3 (ER3): 486 mm
  • 19" modules with 4 mm safety plug, SysLink system connector or 24 V/0 V
  • Suitable for ER mounting frame or unfastened on the table
  • Lightweight injection-molded housing
  • The units are shipped fully assembled.
  • S7-1200 individual components upon request
  • Other combinations are possible via the online configurator.

Special license rules apply for schools and educational institutes in the commercial sector.

Recommended training media

WBT PLC programming in accordance with IEC 61131

*Order no. 573902 and 573901 contain one EduTrainer® without programming cable (Ethernet cable) or programming software. The programming software Step 7 can be ordered in different packages at
**Order no. 573892 and 573891 are based on Siemens SCE Trainer Packages and contain six EduTrainers® each, including programming cable (Ethernet cable) and programming software STEP 7 Basic. When Siemens updates these Trainer Packages, the controllers are replaced by successor models. Subject to technical implementation.