Overview of EduTrainer® Compact

The EduTrainer® Compact
Do you want to teach PLC programming in addition to relay circuits at your pneumatic or hydraulic laboratory? Do you want a device that suits your workbench? Does your training tend to focus on mastering processes and technologies rather than safe handling of wires and screwdrivers?

The EduTrainer® Compact is the ideal control system for pneumatics and hydraulics and has proven itself worldwide.

The EduTrainer® Compact can be integrated into the ER mounting frames of various laboratory systems or used as stand-alone desktop devices. The sensors and actuators are connected to the inputs/outputs of the PLC via 4 mm safety sockets. The inputs can be simulated with switches or potentiometers. Depending on the configuration, 4 mm safety sockets or SysLink universal I/O interface sockets are available. This provides many different options for connecting to all Festo Didactic equipment sets.

  • The heavy-duty PLC for pneumatics or hydraulics laboratories
  • Suitable for an ER mounting frame
  • Fully set up and configured or your own design (online configurator)
  • With PLCs from Siemens, Festo and other leading manufacturers
  • External voltage supply via 4 mm safety sockets
  • With or without 4 mm safety sockets
  • With or without SysLink system interface