Swing – Configuration example

Swing – Configuration example

Versatility for your individual needs
Swing stands for the unlimited possibilities for individual training laboratory design. Workbenches are created from a few basic components in nearly all thinkable dimensions. Three depths and six widths as well as various working heights are provided for by the standard construction kit. Whether 19" top elements, mounting frames for experimentation plates or perforated metal grid – we will deliver the right solution.

Intelligent solutions
The Swing system already offers fully integrated vertical and horizontal cable conduits as a standard feature. The cable duct in the Swing system profile permits a comfortable vertical cable guide. The basic equipment also includes cable connections which are mounted in a concealed position on the rear cross frame.

Supply duct with electrical system, compressed air and communication
The aluminium supply duct can be made to various lengths, depending on requirements. The various mounting options, such as directly on the workbench or raised up as a cockpit, make for a tidy work surface. All frequently required interfaces can be optimally arranged to be within reach.

Choose from insert panels, such as safety and switching elements for AC current (230 V or 400 V) with key actuators, indicator lamps, motor protection switches, fault current circuit breakers or emergency stop buttons. Depending on the application, you can equip the duct with CEE or earthing contact sockets or safety sockets for three-phase current, direct current or alternating current. Integrate a compressed air outlet via various one-touch fittings.

The most important PC interfaces, such as USB, RS232 or Ethernet can also be integrated in the supply duct. This enables the PC to be connected quickly and ergonomically to various control components.

Worktop components and cockpits with laboratory devices
Alternatively to the supply channel, worktop elements and cockpits in 3 or 6 RU can be integrated. Raised structures are visually elegant and offer optimal utilisation of the worktop. Based on a modular basic grid, each workstation can be individually equipped. Changes, modifications or subsequent extensions can be made at any time.

We offer numerous devices such as infinitely variable voltage devices, lab power supply units, three-phase supplies, fixed voltage devices, adjustable isolating transformers for AC/DC and three-phase current, devices for test engineering and also compressed air supplies.

Variable equipment with 19" segments in cassette design or as insert panels is available, according to your wishes and requirements. It goes without saying that all insert panels for power supply and communication can also be integrated.