Sand filtration station: For the tough jobs

Sand filtration station: For the tough jobs

This station focuses on the filtration processes for separating solids frequently used in drinking and sewage technology. As in nature, the sand layers are used to retain the undissolved and suspended pollutants via deep-bed filtration as it trickles through. The pollutants are trapped in the sand layer and are deposited as filter cake. With time, the permeability decreases, the water level above the sand layer rises and is recorded via sensing. The sensor signal shuts off the inlet and starts the backwash process.

Parameterization of the filtration process is configured on the PC via the enclosed software, such as the change of the backwash time or the pressure adjustment of the purge air to break up the filter cake.

The structure of the different filter layers with quartz sand and quartz gravel in different grain sizes and corresponding monitoring of the cleaning performance through the transparent filter housing is a special aspect.

The station is fully assembled, wired and tested.

Including a water supply tank/ground water, control system with FluidLab®-EDS Water Management, EasyPort, connecting cables, accessory set and "Getting Started" technical documentation.

Main components
3 l tank, including overflow rim, capacitive proximity sensor, float switch, magnetic-inductive flow sensor, centrifugal pump, 4.75 l sand filter unit, proportional media valve, proportional pressure regulator valve, pneumatic valve terminal with 5/2-way solenoid valves, non-return valve, pressure sensor, electric connection board, aluminum profile plate, 1x quartz sand and quartz gravel.

General training content

  • Controlling, regulating and monitoring physical variables such as levels, flows and pressure
  • Technical/physical functions of sensors and actuators as well as wiring, adjustment and parameterization
  • Analysing controlled systems, parameterizing and optimizing regulators
  • System operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair
  • Plant engineering
  • Optimization and energy monitoring
  • Electronic data processing

Learning content for project work

  • Separation of pollutants via a quartz sand and quartz gravel layer
  • Deep-bed filtration and structure of a filter cake
  • Measurement of pressure loss via the sand filter
  • Automated filter process and sand filter backwashing
  • Parameterizing the process steps
  • Functions of pneumatically driven valves and fittings
  • Creating a Micheau diagram

Technical data

  • Pneumatic operating pressure: 4 - 6 bar (50 l/min)
  • Water (10 – 15 l)
  • Power supply: 24 V DC
  • 6 digital inputs
  • 8 digital outputs
  • 4 analog inputs
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 355 x 1350 x 400 mm

Recommended training media

  • Sand Filtration Workbook
  • Monitoring, Control and Optimization Workbook
  • Energy Optimization Workbook
  • eLearning Course: Open- and Closed-Loop Control
  • eLearning Course: Process Automation
  • Water supply technology training set
  • Sewage technology training set


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