Electropneumatics: eLearning course

Electropneumatics: eLearning course

Discover the basics of electropneumatics in our modular and interactive eLearning course.

This course builds on the content of the eLearning series "Pneumatics" and deepens the knowledge of electropneumatic controls.

Learners will get an insight into the basics of pneumatics and electrical engineering and learn how these elements can be combined in practical applications.

The fundamental principles are explained using practical examples and evaluated using various reflection questions.

The eLearning course is divided into three modules:

  • Module 1: Electropneumatic fundamentals
  • Module 2: Electropneumatic components
  • Module 3: Basic electropneumatic circuits

Course topics:

  • What is Electropneumatics?
  • Control and power section of an electropneumatic circuit
  • Selection criteria: Pneumatic vs. Electropneumatic
  • Closed electric circuit and power source
  • Ohm’s Law: voltage, current and resistance
  • Pneumatic actuators and electrovalves
  • Electric contacts, their activation, and group of contacts
  • Relays (Industrial applications) and Time delay relays
  • Limit switches, proximity sensors and pressure sensors
  • Basic structure of an electropneumatic circuit
  • Basic logic functions
  • Standardized circuit diagrams with combinational logic
  • Standardized circuit diagrams with sequential logic
  • Component’s identification according to EN 81346-2
  • Additional circuit characteristics: Speed, time, and pressure control

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