eLearning solutions

eLearning solutions

Your entry point to provide knowledge in a modern, digital way. Individual learning, anywhere and anytime
Our eLearning courses provide knowledge using theory nuggets, interactive animations, videos, graphics, and exercises for reflexion. With the help of applications and examples from industry, the acquired knowledge is transferred to the daily work life of students and employees.

This practical approach ensures that learning is dynamic and motivating and creates freedom for instructors at the same time.

Digital learning also gives you the freedom to choose your learning location – it can be your school or lab, but it can be also done from home using modern cloud-based solution to access your courses from anywhere and at any time.

What makes our eLearning courses special?

  • Designed in a modern look and feel
  • Follow state of the art didactical principles (like content modularization, micro-learning approach and interactive media)  
  • Excellent introduction to new (technological) topics
  • Participant guidance and storytelling that enhance student motivation
  • Practical and industrial examples for better learning transfer
  • Keep an eye on your learning progress at any time
  • Can be used for self-study during classroom-based trainings or home-schooling activities as no equipment is required
  • Can be integrated into several other training concepts or curricula activities

All of our eLearning courses are available in several languages. The language can be selected before starting the eLearning course and can be changed directly on every page during the training.

System requirements 

  • Permanent internet connection for any online solution  
  • Speaker/Headphones as courses are audio-supported    

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What is the best way for you to use Festo Didactic’s eLearning courses?
Our eLearning courses can be made available to you in several ways, depending on your current learning infrastructure.

Responsive_LX_285894178_k.jpgYou are looking for a modern online solution to be independent from any school or company facility or local server installations?

Then we have just the right solution for you with our digital learning portal Festo LX.

Our Festo Learning Experience features a variety of different contents: hardware-oriented courses for our Learning Systems, eLearning courses, Learning Videos, Evaluations for knowledge assessment and many more.  You can access those contents with a subscription package, edit those courses due to our modular content concept or simply create your own learning content with our integrated online editor. You can assign content to your learners, monitor their progress, and support them along the way.

Festo LX is especially interesting for those customers who want to use a variety of digital courses, modify and create contents and make the most out of their Festo Didactic Learning Systems in their labs.

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If you only want to access single eLearning courses and are not interested in the variety of features that Festo LX provides, we also have a solution for you.
You can subscribe as well for single eLearning courses on Festo LX. You will have the opportunity to manage your learners, the number of licenses for a course and monitor the students’ progress on a course. Also assignments are made easy with a floating license concept that reduces admin effort. Other contents and features from Festo LX will not be available to you with this solution.

You liked Festo LX, but you are actually looking for more features and possibilities to manage your vocational education and qualification activities?
CRM 20VT.jpgThen it might be best to consider using a Learning Management System like the Classroom Manager Vocational Training.

The cloud-based Classroom Manager Vocational Training (CRM VT) is a learning management system that also includes extensive vocational training management. All eLearning courses as well as Tec2Screen contents can be integrated to this LMS solution.

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You already have a Learning Management System in place?

Depending on your needs for digital learning, you still have the option to use Festo LX as an online learning portal additionally, but we also provide options to integrate our eLearning courses in existing Learning Management Systems.

As alternative, it is possible to tunnel eLearning courses to an LMS using standard interfaces, like for example LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability; learn more on the official website of the Global Learning Consortium). With this solution, the courses remain on a central learning portal and will be displayed in the customer’s LMS via the interface. End users won’t experience a difference in their look and feel. But this technical realization has the advantage that contents will be updated regularly, additional translations might be added, and any technical bugs will be solved immediately by the provider. LTI solutions will be available on a subscription-based model.

Our sales representatives are happy to support you in finding the best suitable solution for you.