Festo LX – Basic Access Subscription

Festo LX – Basic Access Subscription


Festo LX: Festo Learning Experience
The online portal for teachers and learners, to access and create an individual learning experience.

For using and creating learning content, assigning content to learners, monitor their progress, support them and assess their knowledge.

Sharing expertise and knowledge with students is most educators’ main objective. However, preparing comprehensive learning scenarios involves diligent lesson planning and intensive course material creation.

To help educators build industry aligned pedagogical content easier and quicker, we created Festo Learning Experience – the online portal for learners and teachers to access and create customized learning experiences.

This unique online environment is based on an open community approach and features didactically curated learning resources for many technical fields as well as all necessary tools to create engaging lessons while making the most out of your Festo Didactic hardware learning solutions.

Create a free account at: https://lx.festo.com


  • Landing page with useful information
  • Search engine and filters to find the right content
  • Use of available and creation of own learning nuggets and courses
  • Creation of individual courses
  • Management and inventory of equipment
  • Management of organization, groups, and learners
  • Access to Festo Didactic basic content
  • Rating and commenting of content
  • Responsive design

System requirements

  • Device: Desktop, Notebook, Tablet, or Smart Phone
  • Operating System: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS
  • Web Browser: Chrome (79 or higher), Firefox (73 or higher), Edge (42 or higher), Safari (12 or higher)
  • CPU speed: min. 1GHz
  • Memory: min. 512 MB
  • Disk storage: min. 1 GB
  • Internet connection speed: min. 50 Mbit/s

* Please note that some courses have up to 1GB in size. Data consumption might increase significantly when using Festo LX. If your data consumption is limited, please keep this in mind.

Festo LX access is licensed for a maximum number of users:

  • 25 users
  • 50 users
  • 100 users
  • 200 users
  • 500 users

User licenses are not concurrent. Organizations can have an unlimited number of members, but content can only be access for the number of users mentioned in the license. A license can be removed from a user and assigned to another user (transferable license).

Festo LX access is licensed for a number of years:

  • 1 year
  • 2 years
  • 3 years
  • 5 years

The access starts when the subscription is activated. After expiration, a new access needs to be purchased.

Please bear in mind

  • You are not purchasing content or software. You are purchasing an access on Festo LX for a limited period of time and for a limited number of users.
  • You will receive a voucher code to unlock the features and/or content on Festo LX. 




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