Pneumatics: eLearning course

Pneumatics: eLearning course

This course provides an introduction to the subject of pneumatics. The program is divided ­into technical knowledge and coursework.

Technical knowledge
This interactive, self-guided ­program covers the basics of pneumatic ­control. Participants learn to find practical and theoretical solutions to the key tasks of a basic course on pneumatics, e.g., as part of a basic vocational training course.


In this course, the ­theoretically ­acquired technical knowledge is ­reinforced. A wide range of exercise types makes the course engaging and effective: participants draw symbols and circuit diagrams, answer multiple-choice questions, and set up and connect circuits in PC-based video clips.

From the table of contents:

  • Physical basics (units, properties, laws)
  • Energy supply (production, preparation, and distribution of compressed air)
  • Circuit diagram (circuit diagram, symbols)
  • Drive components (applications, linear drives, rotational drives)
  • Valves (designs, directional valves, stop valves, pressure control valves, flow control valves, valve combinations, logic elements)
  • Signalling components (manual signalling, endpoint detection)
  • Additional requirements

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