my|eCampus is an ideal solution whenever there is no separate learning management system available at the business or the functions of a learning management system (e.g. learning progress, user management) are not required to use the eLearning course.

At my|eCampus you pass individual eLearning courses (no Tec2Screen courses/simulations are used). They are activated quickly and easily by means of a voucher in the self-created user account at my|eCampus.  The vouchers are valid for one year after activation.

You can register and redeem the vouchers at my|eCampus yourself. You can find instructions at

System requirements
A permanent Internet connection and Flash Player or a corresponding browser plug-in are required to use the eLearning courses.

Visit our my|eCampus at


  • You can find the order numbers for my|eCampus vouchers on the detailed pages of the eLearning courses
  • Valid for one year after activation
  • Single use via my|eCampus user account