Full package of training programs

Full package of training programs

The training programs provide extensive training content for the commercial technical area (e.g. automation technology, electrical engineering and fluid engineering).
They offer tutors room to be creative and increase students' motivation.

The training programs are all characterized by the following:

  • Educationally well-prepared multimedia training content
  • Independent studying in classroom-based training
  • Creation of individual learning scenarios
  • Diverse program functions, such as glossary, search, and notes
  • Use in Classroom Manager VT
  • Integration in training concepts with other media (Word, Excel, PDF etc.)
  • Participant guidance
  • Monitoring of learning progress and certification

The full package includes all available training programs (approx. 35 training programs) for integration in Classroom Manager VT.

You can find the training content of the individual training programs on our web site.



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