Electrical protective measures: eLearning course

Electrical protective measures: eLearning course

This interactive multimedia training program provides an introduction to the complex topic of protective measures. It explains what electrical protective measures are and how they are classified. Trainees will also become familiar with all the legal regulations in this area.

The measures that are effective in preventing direct and indirect contact are outlined using various specific examples and functional principles.

Finally, there is an explanation of how protective measures are tested and what actions should be taken in case of an accident involving electricity.

From the contents:

  • The dangers of electricity
  • Humans and electricity
  • Electric shock hazards
  • What are electrical protective measures and how are they classified?
  • Protection levels
  • Protective measures, protection classes
  • Differences between DIN standards, VDE regulations and DIN-VDE standards, statutory requirements, and legal consequences.
  • Definition and overview of protective measures to prevent direct contact
  • Protection by insulating active components
  • Protection by covering or cladding
  • Protection by barriers
  • Protection by distance
  • Definition and overview of protective measures to prevent indirect contact
  • Production by disconnecting power supply
  • Mains systems (TN, TT, IT systems)
  • Protection by disconnection
  • Testing protective measures
  • Measurement and measuring devices
  • Safety and assistance
  • Summary and questions to check understanding

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