Teachware – Teaching materials for basic and advanced training

Teachware – Teaching materials for basic and advanced training

Theory and practice, our range

  • Pneumatics
  • Hydraulics
  • Electrical engineering/Electronics
  • Automation/PLC
  • Mechatronics/Process automation
  • CNC technology/Equipment

A wide range of different teaching materials for ongoing basic and advanced training are available for these topics.

Technical literature and textbooks
The technical literature and textbooks provide the basis for studying technologies and processes. For trainers and teachers, they are essential for preparing courses. They also provide practical exercises with professional guidelines for those who do not enjoy self-study on a PC.

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For more than 50 years, Festo Didactic has been at the forefront of industrial training with training packages with equipment sets and tailored workbooks that include exercises and sample solutions (including CD-ROM). The exercises are based on real industrial practices and have been successfully implemented in a wide range of specialized training.


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Dictionaries and manuals
Symbols, rules, standards, formulae … You don't need to have everything in your head, but you do need to know where to find it!

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Legal security

Festo Didactic's teaching materials are already in widespread use for a diverse range of purposes. With the new licences, the legal basis for individualized use has now been established. From now on, users have the option of choosing one of three types of licence, to ensure an optimized – and legally secure – use of Festo's teaching materials tailored to your needs.

Choose from the following types of license:

HomeUse license
Currently not available

Campus license
The standard option for commercial (professional) use. Ideal for all those wishing to use the training materials at a single location.

Enterprise license
For large (international) companies and educational institutions with multiple locations.

For information on each of the license types, please see the following table.


  • The license types are valid for all Festo Didactic training materials.
  • The full rights of use are set out in the legal information contained in the purchased training materials.


Campus license

Enterprise license

Scope of delivery

Teaching material (workbook with multimedia CD-ROM*)

As agreed

Document protection



Document can be modified



Reproduction rights



Multilingual version*



Target group

Commercial/educational organisations (single location)

Commercial/educational organisations (multiple locations)

*The languages offered vary depending on the training material.