Fundamentals of circuits with contacts: Workbook

Fundamentals of circuits with contacts: Workbook

Contactor controls still have their place despite increasing automation and increasingly cost-effective control electronics. The workbook for the fundamentals of circuits with contacts covers the specific topics relating to relays and contactor controls in six realistic projects plus an additional project for soft starters. The control circuit with topics such as self-latching loop and locking plays just as important a role here as the primary circuit with the circuits for asynchronous three-phase motors, from simple starting to star-delta reversing circuit.

The workbook contains:

  • Solutions
  • Didactic notes
  • Worksheets for the student
  • Multimedia CD-ROM with graphics

The worksheets help students from the planning phase to execution and documentation.

Each student must carry out, evaluate and document the project on their own as required in each exercise.

J. Stumpp
Edition 2010, 120 pages, in colour, in folder.


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