AFB factory hybrid production

AFB factory hybrid production

Megatrend: Hybrid automation
It’s a fact that production and process automation have become inseparable in almost all manufacturing environments. Hybrid automation represents the convergence of production and process automation which is more than logical, given the trend towards convergence of the two automation techniques in the so-called hybrid industries.   

Hybrid industries are the industries which require systems and solutions for both process and production engineering. The most striking examples are the food, confectionery and tobacco industries and the pharmaceutical industry.

Whether process and production oriented, or hybrid production, Festo Didactic training factories offer a unique range of facilities for training in automation for all industries – from incoming goods, through process and production engineering departments, to outgoing goods. 



The mix is the key
Mechatronics is also making its mark outside production automation. Intelligent drive solutions, featuring high-precision mechanical components, a range of different drives, measured data acquisition and evaluation as well as integrated communications interfaces, ensure safe, optimized process automation too. 

Making processes more flexible, systemizing product quality, responding faster to new market trends – the drinks industry has much more to do in this day and age than merely quenching our thirst. On the one hand there is a need to establish and maintain a broad product spectrum and introduce new products in order to generate new demand, while on the other, legislation is increasingly demanding greater transparency of manufacturing processes.