Fundamental electrical protective measures Edutrainer®

Fundamental electrical protective measures Edutrainer®

A4 board for raising awareness and communicating the dangers of electric current. Hazards to human beings from electric current is in particular determined by the scale of the electric current that flows through the person. This device teaches the difference between circuit breakers for the protection of a system and residual current protection devices for the protection of persons.

Due to the built-in transformer, all training content is explained at a non-hazardous voltage level of 24V.
The scope of delivery includes the corresponding workbook.

Technical data

  • Input voltage: 1 AC 230 V via IEC Connector
  • Output voltage: 1 AC/24 V
  • Line circuit breaker: 1 A
  • Fault current protective circuit: 3 0mA
  • Fault simulation via potentiometer and fixed resistances
  • Equipment: LED lamp with toggle switch for simulating housing faults
  • Front panel: 266 x 297 mm
  • Console housing with rubber feet for use in an A4 frame or on a table
  • Connection via 4 mm safety plug



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