EduTrainer® contactor board

EduTrainer® contactor board

The purpose of the contactor board is to enable the flexible setup and connection of industrial switchgears.

The board contains distributors for 400 V 3~ or 230 V 1~ main circuit and 24 V control circuit.

Circuit breakers can be looped into the main and control circuits as additional protection.

All connection positions are standardised and are on safety sockets.

Technical data

  • Input voltage: 3 AC/400 V (50Hz)
  • Output voltage: 3 AC/400 V
  • Rated current: max. 16 A
  • Equipped with 35 mm H-rail
  • Front plate: 399 x 297 mm
  • Console housing with rubber feet for use in an A4 frame or on tabletop
  • Connection via 4 mm safety plugs
  • Distributor for 400 V three-phase voltage nd 24 V control voltage



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